Shelter and Solidarity: A Deep Dive with Artists and Activists

Back to School Blues? The Fight for a Just & Safe School Year, August 13, 2020

August 15, 2020

As we roll into late August, the start of the school year is upon us. What will this Fall look like for students, for teachers and staff, for parents and our communities? What threats to safety, to the quality and equity of education, and to working conditions are people facing? And how are they responding What are school and community organizers doing to protect workers and students from the dangers of COVID? What are the best (and worst) models of how institutions are responding, and What else needs to be done?

Joining us will be K-12 and college educators, as well parents from around the country, including New York public school teachers Adam Stevens and Freddie Cole, UMass Boston professor and parent, Amy Todd, and California-based adjunct professor and union organizer Bobbi-Lee Smart.

Why is it that so many districts are ordering schools to reopen even as the pandemic still rages?

What are the challenges facing educators, students, and parents now forced to deal with remote and online teaching?

How will teaching and learning be different this Fall than it’s been before?

What demands and actions are emerging across the country as people organize to keep their co-workers, students, families and communities both safe and smart in a time of institutional absurdity and public health nightmares?

There are no shortage of questions to discuss and challenges to respond to. Join us a roundtable of educators, parents, students, organizers and activists as we hold a Shelter and Solidarity community discussion on this pressing topic.

  • Adam Stevens has worked since 1996 in the public high schools of Brooklyn, New York to teach history in a way that raises anti-racist, anti-sexist and working-class consciousness.
  • Freddie Cole is a public school teacher, union officer and activist in New York City.
  • Amy Todd teaches Anthropology at UMass Boston, where she is a long-time union and labor activist.
  • Bobbi-lee Smart is a California-based adjunct faculty member and advocate, Executive Director of CFT local. Adjunct Faculty United.