Shelter and Solidarity: A Deep Dive with Artists and Activists

Sustaining Ourselves & Each Other Through Crisis Times with Victor Narro & Michal Osterweil, August 27, 2020

September 15, 2020

Feeling stressed? Seeking strategies for keeping healthy and connected during this period of protracted pandemic, economic crisis, and physical isolation? Join us for our third Shelter & Solidarity social hour – a community discussion about how we can best sustain ourselves, each other, our organizations and movements during these pandemic times.

We’ll be led into the discussion by Michal Osterweil and Victor Narro. Michal teaches in the Curriculum in Global Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and is also deeply committed to community and popular education aimed at activists, community members and others not (necessarily) in formal school that see the importance of actively studying and (un)learning what it means to be a change agent in these intense times of crisis. She is co-convenor with Arturo Escobar of UNC’s seminar, Theory and Politics of Relationality (The Relationality project), and currently working on a book project and web-project in this vein. She is also a mother and radical homemaker who loves gardening, cooking and dancing.A nationally known expert on immigrant rights and low-wage workers, Victor Narro has been involved with immigrant rights and labor issues for over 35 years, and author of several books on labor justice and organizing. He has also become a leading voice for self-care and spirituality in the work for social justice through his new book, Living Peace: Connecting Your Spirituality with Your Work for Justice (CreateSpace Publication, 2014). Victor has published a children’s book about labor solidarity, Jimmy’s Carwash Adventure (Hard Ball Press 2016).